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History Of Yateley United - 22 August

Yateley United FC was formed on 1 June 2013 by uniting 4 clubs: Beaulieu FC (1972), Yateley Green AFC (1985), Yateley FC (1902), and Yateley FC Youth. Now they run teams from adult men, ladies and walking football down to minisoccer and U6 teams. In 2014 we bought our own ground at Sean Devereaux Park and have implemented development plans, so playing 1st team games at Cody Sports, Farnborough this season.

Yateley has a long history, the first recorded game played 7 January 1903, beaten 7-1 by Camberley Post Office. Yateley was formed on 4 October 1902 at the Chequers Inn, Eversley. In 1910 the AGM recorded a deficit of 14/6d. For the first 12 years they played friendlies. At the AGM at the White Lion in July 1914, George Higgs, secretary and treasurer was thanked for ten years’ service and the club entered the Aldershot Civilian League. Unfortunately, in August, war was declared and all football ceased.

Yateley FC didn’t resume until the AGM held on 17 August 1921 at the White Lion, where a balance of £4 was carried over from 1914. George Higgs stood down from Secretary after over 16 years in the job, but remained Treasurer, and still opening the batting for Yateley CC in 1919, age 52! The first match of the reformed club was away to Eversley FC on 10 September 1921, but history has not recorded the result.

The next AGM on 15 August 1922 held in the Parish Room had 25 members attending, the annual subscriptions set at 2/- for adults and 1/- for under 16s. The next year’s AGM was moved to the end of the coming season, to decide on joining a league. The opening match was at home against Finchampstead, with Yateley winning 7-2, with Yateley’s colours black and amber shirts with white shorts. On 9 May 1923 the AGM held at the White Lion recorded 25 matches played, 15 won, 4 lost, 6 drawn. They were elected to the Ascot & District League Division 2 and Reserve Division, winning their first league match 3-0 against Finchampstead. At the end of that first season of competitive football they won promotion to Division 1. The first team entered charity cups, charging admission of 6d adults, children half price.

In 1927/8 the club joined Division II ”A” of the Aldershot Junior League, 14 teams, winning their opening game 5-4 against RAF (Farnborough) at Manor Park. Yateley remained in the lower reaches of the Aldershot League until 1962/3 when they were promoted to Div I as Div 2 Runners-up. They finished Runners-up Div 1 for 2 years before winning Div 1 1965/6, but denied election to Senior league until ground improvements in 1966/7.

In 1978/9, now renamed Yateley Town, they were founder members of the Home Counties League (formed from Surrey Senior League) and finished 9th out of 13. The HCL became the Combined Counties League in 1979/80. Yateley Town dropped down into the Aldershot Senior League in 1984/5 and relegated to Div 1 1985/6.

The Town club split into Yateley Town and Yateley Green before the 1985/6 season and, as Yateley were relegated, Green were promoted as Div 1 & Cup double champs. Green's progress included the Senior title in 1994/5 and promotion to Hants League Div III, then Div II 1996. When the Hampshire League increased qualifying ground grading facilities, Green dropped back to the Aldershot Senior Division in 2003. Meanwhile, Yateley soon returned to the Senior Division which they won twice. In 2011/2 Green won the Surrey Intermediate League Western Premier Division and promoted to the Surrey Elite, which they won by 8 clear points in 2012/13.

In 2012 Yateley United were formed from uniting all the Yateley Senior and Junior teams, finishing 4th in the Surrey Elite. In 2017/18 Yateley United dropped back into the Surrey Intermediate League Western Premier Division and in 2018/19 moved to the Uhlsport Hellenic League Division Two East.

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