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Referee Match Report Form

How To Complete
There are two individual forms - One relates to the main Hellenic League competition including cup games, the other to the Hellenic Veterans competition.

Fields indicated with an asterix * must be completed, if not the system will not allow you to progress further without completing that field.

The completed form when sent will forward to the relevant Hellenic League officers to process - The form covers all aspects of the report required, no other paper or email submissions are required unless further requested by the League Office.

You will be required to upload the team sheets provided to you by the clubs. Before uploading you will either have scanned or taken an image of the team sheets - PLEASE TRY AND KEEP THE SCAN OR IMAGE BELOW A MAXIMUM OF 500KB.

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Hellenic League Competition

Hellenic Veterans League Competition




a Please confirm in writing to the Hellenic League Office and/or Referees’ Secretary within two days of receipt of the fixtures indicating whether or not you are available for the games allotted. Use E-MAIL or 1st Class Post for all correspondence.

b If you know that you will not be available on a certain date, advise the appropriate REFEREE APPOINTMENT OFFICER straight away. Please note that the only appointments which take precedence over Hellenic League fixtures are FA appointments, County Cup appointments and Contributory League  fixtures. Local League Fixtures MUST Be Arranged Around Hellenic League Appointments.

c If after accepting a fixture you find that you are unable to fulfil it through personal reasons, sickness, etc. advise the appropriate REFEREE APPOINTMENT OFFICER immediately.  (If Less Than a Week Before the Game By Telephone – Not E-Mail or Post)

d If you are ill early in the week of a game, advise the appropriate REFEREE APPOINTMENT OFFICER so that he may arrange cover. 

Do Not Wait Until Saturday Morning To Advise That You Are Unfit.


a Written instructions from Clubs MUST be acknowledged by return, either by e-mail or telephone. If no approach is received from the home club two days before a match, it is your responsibility to contact them to ensure that the game is to take place. This Applies To Referees And Assistant Referees’ Alike.

b If no contact is made by the home club prior to the match, please report this matter when submitting your Match Report Form to the League Office.

Should you receive an approach from a club for a game which you have declined telephone the appropriate e-mail immediately to ensure that a replacement official has been appointed.


Match officials must report to the ground at least one hour before the kick off time.

b Match officials should be smartly dressed to maintain the standard expected of them. A shirt, tie, jacket or Hellenic League POLO SHIRT is suggested.

c In the event of the appointed referee being absent or injured, the senior assistant referee will deputise. Referees should establish seniority before the game to ensure a smooth transfer of responsibility in the event of their injury.

d All late starts, short teams and absent or late arrival of match officials must be reported to the League Office on the Referee’s Match Report Form provided. Referees are also required to record on the form details of disciplinary action taken, including the players name, club played for and offence code and the report form sent first class to the League Office within 24 hours of the game.

e When Club Linesmen are used, their names should be recorded and a mark given to each of them on the match report form.


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