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Penn Tylers Green News

Walker Awarded Life Membership - 30 June

At Penn & Tylers Green FC’s AGM on Thursday 25 June club stalwart and vice-chairman Andy Walker announced his retirement after 23 year of loyal service and was deservedly awarded Life Membership of the Football Club, the highest honour that can be bestowed on anyone within the club.  

Chairman Tony Hurst commented:  “I have known Andy (pictured right) for all of those 23 years’ service at PTGFC and he was also at my side when I became chairman 13 years ago, along with Andreas, when the club was in some turmoil and he has given steadfast and devoted service ever since.  He was one of those special breed of club servants who carried on even when his son stopped playing because he loved the club and loved helping out and serving in whatever task was “thrown” at him. We were both managers in the junior section and actually in adjoining age groups." 

"Andy’s devoted contribution to the club’s success and growth over the years is considerable and diverse whether litter picking with his trusty litter picker or organising matchday food and generally picking up on those tasks which are either not thought of by others or others do not fancy doing.  I will miss Andy on matchdays as part of the meet and greet team. We would pump up the balls, put out the corner flags and have a beer then put the world to rights, discuss the game, and even pick the team that, in our opinion, should play. We would also have a right old laugh as we shared the same warped “Monty Pythoness” sense of humour. |

"We loved those long-distance cup games that came along sometimes when we would travel down to the depths of Gloucestershire or Wiltshire. He would offer to drive as he had a company car and so no petrol costs! One such adventure was when we were drawn away to Malmesbury Victoria, in deepest Wiltshire, in some cup or other. Myself, Andy and Laingy arrived in Malmesbury at about 12 o’clockish and duly parked up outside a pub. Excellent…In for a pint! We then walked into the picturesque town centre and found a marvellous local pub to have some lunch in. Good beer, food and company. We were talking, laughing, joking when suddenly…We had a phone call from Andreas who had travelled down under his own steam and was at the game “… where are you …”… We’re in the pub having lunch…” “…It’s ten to three!...” came the concerned reply. What?! We had not realised. How time flies. So, from getting to Malmesbury three hours before kick-off, we arrived at the ground at 3.10pm! It was a rubbish game ultimately so we did not miss much! Oh, happy days and cherished memories." 

"Every club needs an Andy Walker and we were lucky to have squeezed 23 years of service out of ours. Thanks Andy and if you could let us have your litter picker, we would like to, as they do with some players shirt numbers, take it out of commission as a tribute, and hang it in the clubhouse!!!! "

"So, to conclude it just leaves me to recommend, no insist, that Andy and his wife Christine be awarded the highest honour this club can bestow on anyone and that is an honorary Life Membership." 

"Thanks Andy, much deserved, and don’t be a stranger to the club, as we still have many laughs to have together!" 
Tony Hurst 
Penn & Tylers Green Chairman